Price Trading: How to Catch the Best Price for Optimum Trading Profit?

By Alfred Fernandes | March 9, 2009

With the present stock markets scenario Price trading can be tricky and confusing, even for the most astute financial mind. Observing and tracking the trend of certain stocks and thinking you have it predicted down to the last few percentage points of accuracy, only to have it fall completely off the charts, is not only heart breaking, it can also lead to financial ruin. Although trend trading can provide an educational leg-up on the competition, it does not always stop the trader from being faced with financial doom when a market takes an unexpected and therefore unpredictable dive to a new bottom.

The economy is in a major downward trend, and most indicators are showing that, however some price trading charts are showing some stocks are in fairly stable shape. How this is possible is a point which puzzles all specially the new entrants to the stock market. The stock futures are showing down trends, and the realistic and responsible trader will adjust his trading activity taking into consideration the prevailing trend.

price trading divergence blueprintPrice Trading Charts are often more than confusing and are difficult to be interpreted correctly. For example if you give the same charts to 2 different technical analysts each one interprets the charts differently. So the crucial point is the right interpretation of charts which is possible firstly with a good knowledge of your trading system and secondly the proven high success rate of your Trading System or Software itself. Of course nothing can substitute knowledge and experience. Price trading can be lucrative, if you know what you are doing, and can make sense of what the market is doing.

With price trading, the main consideration is timing for your entry or exit trades. You must make your move, no matter what financial instrument you are dealing with, at the optimum time to gain the best price. Having determined the major trend, entering at the low or high of a short-term corrective move and riding the next swing which syncs with the prevailing major trend is the Best Price Trading Strategy giving you a maximum profit potential.

price trading swing blueprintAs with any financial activity, especially with the current economic situation, you must know your limits and your financial caps. Do not exceed your own budgetary limits and put yourself at the risk for financial ruin. Do not make trades that you do not fully understand. Do your homework and the necessary legwork before beginning any trading activities. Work with a broker before heading out to take on the financial world on your own. Take educational seminars and read all of the financial information that is available to you, either in hard copy or online.

Do not allow yourself to get caught up in the exciting rush of one or two successful trades. A little financial knowledge can be a bad thing, especially if it leads to risky, undisciplined behaviors on your part. So master money management techniques which will reduce your risk and increase your reward potential.

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Day Trading Software

By Alfred Fernandes | March 9, 2009

What is Day Trading Software?

Day Trading is a bit of complex affair to the uninitiated or a new person entering this field. But in this present day of computer automation even Day Trading has been automated with mechanical tradingsystems and this automated system which provides day trading signals for buying or selling stocks, futures or commodities is termed as Day Trading Software.

Why Day Trading Software?

day trading software1Trading stocks itself could be a highly risky business in view of the present market volatility, the tips and advice from newspapers, brokers, TV channels etc., where the views are so diverse and a Stock Trader – both long and short term – could be totally confused if not completely lost. Also the two emotional factors of greed and fear add to the misery of a Stock Trader. Moreover, a Day Trader is exposed to short term fluctuations and swings and is therefore, required to take quick decisions further adds to the dilemma of stock trading.  So a Day Trader must have an efficient Trading Software which isolates all the noise, volatility and emotions from his trading decisions. Thus the need for a mechanical software is all the more essential for the Day Trading success. Currently Day Trading Software is a necessity if a Day Trader has to survive in these highly unpredictable volatile stock, futures or commodities markets.

What Day Trading Software is Required?
No matter what type of trading you are interested in, and no matter what your skill level, having the right day trading software is vital to your day trading knowledge and abilities. Some software will teach you the ins and outs of trading, or the various types of trading while others will teach you how to track a particular stock and how to watch for trends. Stock trading has become one of the largest growing online activities, not only at the professional level, but as an investment-based hobby as well.

Is Day Trading Software Easy?

Most of the Day Trading Software provide information as to how to handle the software, how to create charts, trend-lines, moving averages and indicators. However, you can not learn and master the software overnight, some basic knowledge plus trading experience is necessary. But of course, there are a few reliable Day Trading Software which are easy to learn and efficient in generating high-reward-probability trading signals. You must search for such Day Trading Software in order to obtain higher success rate trading signals. With little experience you can gain confidence to trade bigger lots and increase your Day Trading profits.

Day Trading Robot Software

Every Day Trader aspires to initiate high percentage of winning trades and there is a way to achieve this. The Day Trading Robot is a result of years and years of testing, back-testing and research which provides clear-cut signals for initiating high-reward-probability trades. The success finally depends on the traders ability to execute these signals and book profit at appropriate levels to convert their analysis into cash, which again is simple – ’cause it’s mechanical and not emotional!

day trading software2 p1

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Stocks Buy and Hold Strategy

By Alfred Fernandes | March 4, 2009

As per my friend Bill Poulos the renowned technical analysis expert the majority of investors in America today are unwitting proponents of the buy, hold and hope strategy. They are heavily invested in equities on a “long term basis” and are not concerned about the daily (or weekly, or monthly, or yearly) ups and downs of the market because they rest easy in the knowledge that the market will go up over the long term. So they buy them, hold them, and are confident or hope that everything works out all right.

But how long is the long term anyway? 5 years? 10 years? How about 20 years? And how comfortable are these investors when the market is actually going down for extended periods of time? Let’s look at some data to try and put this buy, hold, and hope strategy into perspective. Read more……..

If someone told you that you may have to wait 5 to 25 years to breakeven on your investment strategy would you be a willing investor? I doubt it. But that is exactly what millions are doing with their buy, hold, and hope strategy – that is what you call a losing proposition and is not how some savvy investors potentially make money.*

This is another reason for considering alternative investments for a portion of your portfolio, such as a good trading system that has the potential to provide superior returns in non-correlated markets.*

Good Trading.

p.s.  If you liked this article by Mr. Bill Poulos, then you need to  CLICK HERE to unfold his step-by-step trading BLUEPRINT…

stocks buy and hold

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